Hi guys, welcome to the stream

My name is Luki and I'm a full time streamer. (P.S. that's my real name)
This stream it's about you feeling great, having fun and being secure.
I love streaming because I get to meet new people that inspire me every day.
I have a strange love for jellies, soup and kitties.
People usually tell me I'm pretty crazy and cute ^^

I'm not from Russia 😂

I stream Escape from Tarkov.
I started streaming with Overwatch then moved to PUBG,
Battlefield 1, Dark Souls 1 2 and 3, Bloodborne and a variety of other games.
I was well known playing Ring of Elysium


stream guide

You can unlock rewards by using kittypoints.
You can make Luki do squats, use sound effects or play a gif right on the stream, and much much more.
Check the rewards page for more info on that.

Sometimes we watch a movie together Friday after the stream
Chat with us and make new friends on Discord
Win games in the Giveaway

Thank you for being here